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The tropical rainforest of Suriname isTropical Rainforest
among the most unspoiled in the world.
Indigenous fauna includes the sea turtles at Matapica- and Galibi beach, big cats such as jaguars and pumas, numerous reptiles and a lot of exotic birds.
There is a wide variety of flowers, orchids, lianas and vines; a matter of fact: there are more than 5000 plant species in the rainforest.
While many of the world's tropical rainforests are diminishing in the face of increasing demands for farming, logging and developing land, Suriname has turned a huge area of its virgin Amazon jungle into one of the world's biggest nature reserves. With this Suriname is continuing a tradition of environmental awareness.
It has created this new nature reserve in the firm belief that as the eco-systems of the world are disappearing the country can reap long term benefits from the tropical rainforest and at the same time contribute to sustaining life on this planet.
The people of this country realize that by protecting their rainforest they protect their planet; the earth.
The decision for a policy of protection was rather easy because Surinam conservation laws have been on the books for a very long time!
The country's population of 440,000 is one of the least populated in the world and the fact that the interior of Suriname is largely uninhabited makes it an important area for tropical rainforest conservation.
Suriname still has an estimated 93% of its forests intact.
The country has to develop its economy; also with regard to this big natural resource but it is done in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Tropical Rainforest Surinam has a long and rich tradition in the use of medicinal plants and herbs to cure a wide range of illnesses and diseases.

The indigenous people, the Amerindians and Maroons, have a history in this going back hundreds of years.

Their knowledge in the use and application of all thousands of medicinal plants and herbs, existing deep in the jungle, is unequalled. All these plants and herbs are used in traditional- and alternative medicine.
Thanks to our contacts with these indigenous people and our way of working in which we involve them, we are in a position to learn from them and collect plants, herbs and seeds in cooperation with them.
Under strict supervision of The Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control , we are permitted to wild harvest commercial quantities of these medicinal plants, herbs and seeds for export.

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