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Sesbania grandiflora poir - Kembang turiSynonyms
Agati grandiflora, Robinia grandiflora.
Common name
Kembang turi, turi, gallito, walking stick, hummingbird tree, scarlet wisteria tree, agati, Corkwood tree, Agati à grandes fleurs, Shiro gochou, Daun turi, Kacang turi, Agasto, Sesbãnia, Scarlet wisteria tree, Swamp pea, Vegetable hummingbird, West Indian pea.
Papilionaceae / Fabaceae .

Originally from Indonesia and India;
this small soft wooded tropical tree of 30' in height, with large pink - or white flowers.
These flowers are hermaphroditic pollinated by birds;
the leaves are 9" long with oblong leaflets.
Kembang turi has large pods, 1 - to 1¾' long.
The seeds in the pods are red-brown.
The young tender pods are edible and used as a vegetable in Southeast Asia (Indonesia & India) and Suriname.
The flowers and leaves are also consumed as a vegetable.
The dried leaves are used as a tea which is considered to have antibiotic, anti-tumor and contraceptive properties.

Medicinal applications
The bark, leaves, gums, and flowers from this tree are considered medicinal.
Folk remedy for bruises, catarrh, dysentery, eyes, fevers, headaches, smallpox, sores, sore throat, and stomatitis.

USDA zone 9B - 11.
Seeds and cuttings.
Full sun, has high tolerance for drought.
Kembang turi is also tolerant of soil salinity and poor drained soil, such as heavy clay.
It is frost sensitive and intolerant of extended periods of cool temperatures.

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