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Image Sesam
Sesamum africanum, Sesamum brasiliense, Sesamum luteum, Sesamum malabaricum.
Common name
Sesame seed, benne seed, til, sim sim, abongra, Hu ma, Zhi ma, Sesamzaad, Sesamo, Goma, Shiro goma, Cham kkae, Semilla de ajonjolí, Sesam, Sésamo, Sezam indyjski. Graines de sesame, Sésame blanc.
Pedaliaceae (Unicorn plant family).

Sim sim is an erect tropical annual, original from Africa, but also found abundantly in Suriname; it is growing up to 6 feet tall.
The plant is adaptable and drought resistant.
The opposite leaves are oblong or lanceolate and sesame has white to light rose flowers; also the plant is covered with fine hair.
The fruit is a grooved capsule often containing more than 100 (hundred) seeds.
The seeds are small and flattened; they can be off-white, brown, grey or black. They are used, among others, for the flavoring of bread and production of oil.

Sesame seed is a source of edible oil and is also used culinary as a spice.
Benne seed contains a high percentage of oil (ca 55 %), which has a very good stability due to the presence of natural anti-oxidants; belongs to the most nutritious of seeds.
These seeds contain: manganese, copper and calcium; Vitamin B1 (thiamine) and Vitamin E (tocopherol). They are rich in powerful antioxidants (lignans).
There are two special lignans present in Sesam seeds: sesamin and sesamolin.
Also present are phytosterols (reduce the risk of heart disease).
The dried seeds taste nutty; the flavor is further increased by toasting.

Medicinal applications
Sesame is used in the treatment of anemia, blurred vision and relaxation of the bowel.

USDA zone 9 - 11.
The plant needs full sun and well drained soil.
Plant in frost free locations.

Psidium guajava Psidium guajava

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Sesame seed seeds 1 packet (100 seeds) US$ 17.50
Sesame seed seeds 1 packet (1000 seeds) US$ 122.50

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